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Diablotin Television Ltd is a new independent privately-owned television production company based in Crawley, United Kingdom. It was incorporated under the Companies Act of 2006 as a private company limited by shares in England and Wales. Company number 7168263 given at Companies House on 24th February, 2010. At present there are two shareholders: Mr and Mrs Albert and Tempie Williams who share in the management.

Managing Director, Albert Williams says, “Our ultimate goal is to establish a new television Cable network championing the hopes and aspirations of a wide spectrum of viewers. We also aim to train persons in various skills used in the television, film and video industry. “Among the aims of the company are hosting training modules in television production, information technology, computing working in partnership with stakeholders in the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Caribbean and elsewhere in the world.

“Through establishing strategic alliances with partners in the industry,” says Director of Marketing and Sales, Tempie Williams, “We believe that a service like ours is one of the ways of dealing with chronic unemployment, homelessness, drug abuse, anti social behaviour and recidivism through providing training opportunities in various digital skills which are in high demand in most developing countries,” she said adding, “Diablotin Television Ltd’s focus is to highlight and promote the interests of persons of Black descent: namely Afro-American, Caribbean and Black British. We believe that currently the hopes and aspiration s of these racial groups are not adequately represented in the media today and which leads to a sense of isolation from main stream society, and hence the lack of Black role models,” she concluded.


The company which trades under several Diablotin-named products is named after the tallest mountain in the Commonwealth Dominica: Morne Diablotin, which was named so by early French settlers because it was the breeding place of the now almost extinct bird species of The Black-capped, a small seabird in the gadfly petrel genus, also known as the Diablotín. The nocturnal bird was named by locals as Diablotín, which by literal translation means “little devil”, “because of its night-time habits and the odd-sounding mating calls, which may have suggested to locals the presence of evil spirits in the dark.

Albert Williams explains further, “Therefore, our products mimic that legendary bird, and its habitat, the mountain, in many ways. Our aim is to become the ‘devil’s advocate’: a voice for the marginalised, downtrodden and unrepresented people of the Diaspora, and a mountain of excellence in cyber space; to become a leader in internet technology. He says, adding “WE believe that Information technology (I.T) is the way forward. For countries like Dominica and other Caribbean Island states that have relied on an agriculture-based economy– limes, and coconuts and in recent time’s bananas. WE need to breed at this time, empowered individuals, full of innovative and creative ideas; computer technicians, software developers etc that can create the kind of income generating companies such as the founders of Google, Yahoo, Myspace and Facebook have done.”


Diablotin Television also runs a messageboard/forum http://diablotin-television.proboards.com/ Our aim is to provide an educational space where subjects such as creative writing, music, computer studies and religion etc can be discussed with the view of becoming a hub of learning, especially those who wish to improve thier computer skills. The forum is free to join and easy to use and all are welcome.


The company publishes an online magazine, Diablotin Magazine which can be found at www.openzine.com/diablotinmagazine. Diablotin Magazine is powered by an American company called Openzine. OpenZine is a publishing platform with web browser based tools that provides an easy way for anyone to make their own online magazine, for free. OpenZine was started by two brothers, Humby and Kiki who say, “The best way to describe what OpenZine provides is by understanding how magazines work. Magazines have a staff of writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and editors that create & contribute. Here at OpenZine you create & contribute on those same principles but your resources are other OpenZine users”


Again, working with online platforms, the company operates an internet television channel: www.livestream.com/diablotintv. Diablotin Television is one of some 700,000 channels launched utilizing web browser based tools provided by a company called Livestream. In the companies own words, “Livestream is the most powerful live broadcast platform on the internet. Producers can use the Livestream browser-based Studio application to create LIVE, scheduled and on-demand internet television to broadcast anywhere on the web through a single player widget.”

At the minute, Diablotin Television Ltd is seeking: reporters, researches, budding TV producers to join its pool of talent as Production Team Members. Any interested individuals or organisations may write to albert_tempie@yahoo.co.uk or diablotin_television@yahoo.co.uk for more information or a request for a link to join as a production team member. Diablotin Television which has in excess of ten hours of in-house produced programming may also be viewed at:





2 comments on “HOME

  1. Tempie,
    What ambitous aspirations! I applaud you and your husband and wish you great success. You have chosen the greater expression of charity, that of teaching others how to fish rather than supplying them with the minimum of fish for existence.


  2. Pam :

    What ambitous aspirations! I applaud you and your husband and wish you great success. You have chosen the greater expression of charity, that of teaching others how to fish rather than supplying them with the minimum of fish for existence.


    On behalf of my husband as well as myself,

    WE sincerely thank you Pam!

    You are a shining example of all you say yourself!

    We both believe that we are only blessed to be a blessing … just as we have been taught by others we by the grace of God in the way he has placed on our hearts …little by little…one by one …as our vision is:



    Albert and Tempie Williams
    Diablotin Television Ltd

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