2 comments on “Today is the Official Start Day!

  1. Hi Tempie, apologies for only now getting round to reading your blog. I’m pleased that you’ve got your module under way with such enthusiasm. I hope the course is all you wish it to be and that it paves the way for many more.

    Good luck to you.


  2. Hi Jacqueline, no need for any apologies, I truly understand and admire how with all you have going on in your life you still find time to always think of me and others. I am richly blessed to know you. I hope all is well with you with your courses as well.

    As for my course, it has already given me more than I had ever anticipated. I am indeed grateful and thanks to you and my husband for being excellent role models and providing me with such a positive set of study techniques, I am well on way and determined inspite of anything…

    I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my activities and have completed 8 from my course book and already sent in my dummy TMA01. I am now working towards my TMA01 which I am excited about becuase I am able to apply all my past management and writing skills. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    So you see for me I am on a mission …hehehehe

    Love Ya Tempie

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