2 comments on “Here I am at the first leg of my Open University experience as an adult learner, nearly fifty years old taking that leap of faith into distance education.

  1. Dear Albert, To hear your words, to see your actions, to know your sincerely is truly a priviledge that is rewarding. You represent what some will never understand. Keep up your momentum as your desire will only deepen. Forget about those superficial others including the ones on the module forums and blogs that obviously don’t see the end of the tunnel as you do. You as well as I see the Open University as a beautiful opportunity and blessing. We both see that we each have been given a second chance to continue lifelong dreams. You nearly fifty and me a few years ahead.

    I too read the whinnings and such and wonder how can those that truly invest their time and effort could possible see anything but good and I forget that maybe just maybe those are some of the same individuals, woman and men that I also see here on facebook and various other social platforms who speak ill of others including their own spouses, mates, friends or supports. Maybe just maybe these are those same people who at every opportunity use the first means available to express their unhappiness with their own situations and through means unbecoming of being married or single proceed in their own ways of wanting to not only air their own dirty linen but try and come between those that are happy and trying to do good. Maybe just maybe their attending the Open University is more like an escape rather than a life time dream and their reasons for being their are just very different. Maybe just maybe they appear in the public on these modules as a means of having a personal venue rather than utilizing it to the same purpose as you or even I.

    Their aspirations are no where in the areas of wanting to take on challenges of learning at any age. They do not attend tutorials or utilize wonderful and state of the art tools such as the Elluminate or other teaching methods or tools offered by the Open University because they don’t see the relevance. Stay clear of people with those actions and attitudes and continue to set your eyes on your prize. You are a beautiful and humble indivual with an honest willinglness to go after all that is good. Congratulations on passing your M150 and on about to pass all of your future courses. Love always Your Number One Fan and Wife Tempie

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