4 comments on “My Ode To Memphis

  1. I love this poem and it sounds like a very interesting life. Very different from the outback of New Mexico though I also had an Elvis sighting once.:0) I like your blog and I’ll be back!

  2. Pam :

    I love this poem and it sounds like a very interesting life. Very different from the outback of New Mexico though I also had an Elvis sighting once.:0) I like your blog and I’ll be back!

    Greetings Pam, thank you for such a lovely comment! I am delighted to know you love the poem, had a Elvis sighting and will be back!

    It is all true, I’m happily married now and living in England so it is nice to hear the conection. May I ask where are you from? Are you a poet? Have you ever been to Memphis? Would love to hear about your Elvis sighting! Looking forward to hearing back from you. Here is my email also: albert_tempie@yahoo.co.uk. Feel free to keep in contact.


    Albert and Tempie Williams

  3. I was born and raised on a ranch about 50 miles outside of Santa Fe. Our closest neighbor was three miles away and we had three neighbors. I now live in the 4 corners region of NM. My grandmother was a poet and a short story writer. I have alot of my grandmother in me. I have written peotry in the past but enjoy mostly inspirational writing now.

    When I was about sixteen, I worked at the Hilton Inn in Albuquerque and Elvis performed there and also stayed there. He was one of many celebrities that I encountered working there. It was impossible to get close to Elvis but I did see him surrounded by body guards etc. getting in and out of the elevator. Not too exciting but for me it was. A friend of mine also nearly ran over Ali McGraw while giving me a ride to work! It was a lousy job but seeing famous people and even getting to interact with a few made it a worth while experience.

    I have kin in London. It is a small world. I hope you will visit my blog and I look forward to reading more poetry from you.


  4. Hi Pam, this is all so wonderful to hear! Thanks! I remember passing through New Mexico on the Greyhound Bus on route to Salt Lake City from Memphis. The bus route was over 16 hours and the longest I have ever taken but the most scenic covering so very many places and states.. I remember seeing a lot of open desert country with adobe and stucco buildings and thinking this is just like out of some of my favorite old John Wayne western movies…smile. My parents were born Dad in Mississippi and Mom in Alabama and I remember when visiting their birth homes years before they each died and seeing that the next neighbot was miles from one another.

    In fact it is interesting and I am glad you mentioned Elvis as I am a real Elvis fan. Dad took me to his birthhome in Tupelo, MS. In 1969 he donated $200 given to me by his uncle at Graceland in Memphis and I was priviledged also to witness him coming into Baptist Hospital on the Emergency Room elevators, as I got on speechless along with his bodyguards at the time. Also, I write in my fiction novel, Feelings a scene where I assisted in drawing blood from him. (That is why I love writing fiction, even though I created another character in the storyline that portion was true and it was me and it really did happen and helped change my life…smile.)

    I am delighted to hear your grandmother was a poet and short story writer. Both my husband and I are writers and it makes it very nice to be able to relate on so very much.
    We came across a nice portrait of Elvis when I first moved here in England that my husband surprised me with because he knew I loved Elvis.

    You met, Ali McGraw…WOW…that takes me back to her famous role in ‘Love Story’ with Ryan O Neil. I loved it!!!! You see, I am enjoying this and will definitely check out your blog. I bet you are packed with inspirational writings and poems. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking me down memory lane…

    Where in London is your kin? We are near Gatwick airport if you talk with them they will know that. Keep in touch.


    Albert and Tempie

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