3 comments on “The Storm by Albert Williams

  1. Once again in the midst of this life threatening event, this author seem to put you in the hearts of each of the Bane Family members by his great story telling ability. You too have moments of sudden flashbacks if you have ever seen or heard on TV and/or radio announcements regarding a serious hurricane.

    You can visualize the different reactions accordingly . You become acquainted with each member knowing them by his use of powerful descriptive character traits utilizing the five senses. You go on a quick life journey with each of them to learn each of them. It is not until this author magnificently pulls you in that you realize the impact and along with the Bane family just how serious this hurricane is.

    He ends this excerpt on a breathtakingly positive note and interweaves a smoothness of live reporting on Diablotin Television…

    Bravo! A great story with great relevance. It is a must read…

    Tempie Williams

  2. Well written and put together. Always remember your short stories in the Newspaper. One can feel the story moreso if one has experienced one of the many storms in DA country. I vividly remember David in 1979

  3. Captivating! Brought me back to my own experience of Hurricane David- couched under the kitchen sink! For those of us who witnessed that storm, you have so skillfully captured those long unforgettable hours of what began as synicism by most, followed by gripping horror of our individual experiences and then the collective disbelief at the aftermath. Thank you!

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